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Looking to accept dagcoins with your online shop?

There are two ways to add dagcoin as a payment option


Add an easily integratable plugin to your online shop or service. Dagpay plugins are available for the following popular eCommerce platforms:

API integration

Follow a documented API which is available for any custom integration you need. Implementation requires at least some level of technicality or developer support.

We can consult and help you in case you have any issues integrating the API.

API documentation
12345678910111213141516171819202122232425const invoiceSignatureInfo = { userId:, environmentId:, currencyAmount: 0.01, currency: Currency.DAG, description: ‘Banana’, data: ‘{“sessionId”: “foobar”}’, paymentId: ‘foobar’, date: newDate().toISOString(), nonce: getRandomString(32),};const signature =getCreateInvoiceSignature(invoiceSignatureInfo, environment.secret);const createInvoiceRequestInfo = {invoiceSignatureInfo, signature,};const url = ``;const response =, createInvoiceRequestInfo);const invoice =;